Hello Happy

Yoga and sport mats designs for a new creative sustainable brand called Hello Happy. In a few weeks the official website will be launched where you can buy those colorful beauties!

Infographic about Cacao trade around the world. Upcoming: Cacao Special June 2016

Flyer for Lira Scherpenzeel Prijs, a price for the best journalist who writes about international development. Organized by: Lira, Fonds Bijzonder Journalistieke Projecten, Stimuleringsfonds voor de Journalistiek en Vice Versa.

Flyer for the new magazine of Vice Versa about cacao. 

Cover Thesis
‘Belichaming van Verbintenissen’
Jade Scheltis

Podium BLOOS Brochure
Communicatiebureau Battery Battery

Cultural Festival ‘En Plein Public’ Flyer
Communicatiebureau Battery Battery