This exhibition was about the daily life of India to draw more attention to the Indian lifestyle. As a westerner we can learn a lot from India because of the complete differences in mindsets. Although India is struggling with major problems like poverty, gender inequality and enviromental pollution there is also tremendous natural beauty and magic between people present, especially in family life.

This magical lifestyle moved me deeply. This exhibition was made in honor of this
magic, something impossible to describe only in words. By presenting these photographs, I hope to start a dialogue in a positive way and help create more awareness of the contrasts between India and the Netherlands.

Half of the work has been sold which means a lot. 300 euro is donated to School 4 Kids India. School 4 Kids India is an educational foundation targeting to improve education at English speaking schools in Varanasi, India.

Exhibition 'Zo te Zien'

This project is made in collaboration with other graduated students of Art Academy AKV. St Joost. Together we have built a living room with the subject privacy in mind, looking for the tension between outside and inside the house.

My concept: Our best photographs are showcased in living rooms, we selected them to show the highlights of our life. My light sources have been designed to show imperfection. I literally spotlighted my own overexposed and spoiled pictures. In the large hanging lamp the photos are floating in a wooden framework allowing new light spots on the old photographs. The candle holders make the overexposed pictures even more overexposed once the candles are burning. If the evening falls and the light reveals this space, passersby can peek inside. They will see pictures that normally are removed or remain in boxes.

Graduation Project 'Daniel Tammet'

These posters illustrate the life of Daniel Tammet. By choosing specific parts of his book ‘On a blue day’, I visualized his thoughts to get a closer connection to his world.

Description: My name is Daniel Tammet. I have a rare condition known as savant syndrome. Like most individuals with savant syndrome, I am also on the autistic spectrum. I have an almost obsessive need for order of my life. Whenever I become too stressed and I can’t breathe propely, I close my eyes and count. Numbers are my friends and they are always around me. Each one is unique and has its own personality. Scientists call my visual, emotional experience of numbers synaesthe-sia, a rare neurological mixing of the senses. Using my own synaesthesic experience since early childhood, I have grown up with the ability to handle and calculate huge numbers in my head without any conscious effort. Numbers are my first language, one I often think and feel in.