Indialogue is a book about India’s daily life and was part of the exhibition of Indialogue on december the 16th.

All Inclusive is a book about Turkey’s accession to the European Union. Three families, a Turkish family, a Turkish-Dutch family and a Dutch family, share their opinion and show personal photo’s from the past introduced by photo’s from today. This book gives a broader insight into a political problem from different cultural backgrounds.

The Art of Playing a Game is an ethnographic research into the social division between Indian artists and their role in tourism Udaipur ; India. By observing how cultural commodification takes his place among artists and between artists and tourists, this shows how art can provide a social division between artists. Perceptions of artists about authenticity and art reveal the distinction between artists but at the same time they show how they live together in a city where tourism is an important source of income . What for part do artists from Udaipur play in tourism and what does it say about the community of Udaipur? This thesis examines the actions of artists, their participation in tourism, how they position themselves as an artist , but especially how they position the other.

Floriade 2022 is a book designed for a pitch between competing municipalities. This book is a bidbook for the Amsterdam City Council. Floriade is a large international exposition demonstrating innovations in the field of horticulture.

Traditional Renewals is a thesis about typography renewals in the Arabic scripts, especially new made fonts that are created for Western projects. The first part focusses on the history of our language, followed by an innovation allowing the Arabic script to be used on computers. Main part of this thesis describes the different opinions of artists about those changes, including an interview with graphic designer Reza Abedini. Do they like it or not and central question; how is this all related to the holy Arabic script?